Article by Pacho Flores for Brass Band World Magazine

It is a pleasure for me to write this words about the new line of  4 valve Cornets developed by Stomvi. This family includdes Bb, C, D, Eb, F and G. Is one of the most innovative proposals regarding their technical accuracy, timbral richness and flexibility in all its range.
With these instruments we can experience new technical possibilities to do our job, this will direclty affect to the artistic and musical result. They allow us to be more creative and explore all musical concerns that we have had for long time when we seek to interpret new repertoire. It is now possible to carry them out and solve with a lot of quality as they just have to be willing and believe. At the end each of us will be the creator of a new chapter in our own artistic life.


For me these cornets have become a necessity because I’m always using when I do a recital accompanied by a piano, a guitar, strings or a Symphony Orchestra.
During my years at the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra could experiment with Cornet in Bb, eg Andante Moderato Prelude from the opera “Carmen” by Bizet, there a solo that the composer shares with cello, but there is a serious note as E pedal (D concert) which is not written because at that time there were no 4 valve trumpets or cornets to reach that low range. Nor it was developed the lip pedal technique as today. Playing this note conductors raised their gaze nodding it was entirely logical and necessary to do it because if we dont play it the musical discourse is interrupted.In my role as soloist I have given very good use performing works like “Csardas” Monti or Gipsy Airs Sarasate, among others. Performing chamber music with cornet and guitar we have better harmonics connection so now we can mix much better. With cornet and piano we can find a lot of material where we can take advantage of the low register and combinations of fingerings using the 4th valve.All these features are perfectly applicable to the C cornet.


The Eb / D cornets has a lot of use at the Symphony Orchestra, not only for their comfort, offering a delicated timbre and character. As they has a large bell, the sound and projection won’t never be a problem. Within the orchestra I have experienced solos as “Samuel Golberg” of Moussorgsky offering a richer sound than a Piccolo trumpet, also late corals as the 2nd or 3rd Mahler Symphony starting from a very delicate pianissimo the cornet sound offers me an intimate and noble character than a Bb or C trumpet.
In my repertoire as Soloist I experienced them in arrangements as “Bachiana number 5” Villalobos, “Le Coucou” of Danquin that I’ve recorded on my album “Cantar” with Deutsche Gramophone, or the Sarasate presto Vivace of “Gipsy airs”. Today composers like Efrain Oscher frequently writtes concerts where Eb Cornets and D are used.The F and G Cornets are being a good choice where their use is becoming something quite frequent.
Historically the F and G Key have been used with the baroque trumpet, but over time and with the incorporation of rotors and pistons systems gradually were displaced by new timbres and sound dimensions of the Bb and C modern trumpets, especially the new Piccolo Trumpet has greatly facilitated the high range. It has also been used more frequently F and G trumpets for transcripts modern baroque repertoire (which are not original to trumpet). With the cornet we will have, in my oppinion, a much more correct sound character in works such as Albinoni and Marcello for oboe, where it seems more to the actual oboe timbre, being less narrow and closed that the Piccolo Trumpet. With these F and G 4 valves cornets we have a range of 3 octaves (F 3 to F 6), winning sound dimension and this warmer colour gives much more nobility to his timbre and character. Comfort, balance and intonation are fantastic.


In my opinion the 4 valve STOMVI Cornets are pioneers in our modern era. All these instruments are made for you to adapt your needings as an artist and for the new projects that you like to develor, as always Don Vicente Honorato and family STOMVI open a new window !!!!

Pacho Flores